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Can you amplify what you mean by "spasm."

I assume from your back post that today is the first day for your REGUALR Inderal 20 mg x 3 times per day. Inderal lasts about 4 hours and that may expplain why "it worked awsome for 4 hours."
You may need it six times a day, or better still switch to something that works for 24 hours or more...atenolol, nadolol, bisoprool or sotalol.

I LIKE Inderal, but that short half life must be taken into consideration. You could also split the 20's in half and take 10 mg six times a day...but that's sort of lik the White Rabbit running around with an alarm clock.

Did you have trouble with the Inderal LA? Why did they switch you off it? Insomnia?
Hi Lenin,
I took the Inderal LA 60mg yesterday at 3pm, and it only lasted four hours, then spiked back up to 115, then I took a Xanax, and kind of became a couch potato, and my hr went back to 60-100. This morning I am going to start the 20mg. 3 times a day. I asked her why she has me on Inderal instead of Atenolol and she said she thinks this is a better one for me, since I have panic/anxiety disorder, and almost 80% of my svt occurs during a anxiety episode. (She said this particular medicine works on shutting down the epinephrine, or something like that.) But on the other hand, I have just sinus tach all day long. It is 100-130 during the day if I'm doing anything. If I just sit all day, it would stay around 80, but obviously I can't do that. This morning my hr is 130 upon standing, and I'm just waiting to take the medication. I hope it will eventually kick in and work around the clock. Maybe after awhile and my heart gets evened out, then I can go to the LA kind. Who knows, this is all new to me, and I'm really tired and dizzy between the Inderal and the Xanax. 5 months ago I was great, so kind of depressed as to why this is all happening. Hey, you said you like Inderal, do you remember if the dizziness goes away after awhile? Michelle