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Does anyone out there have a problem losing weight while bein on atenolol? It seems to me that since atenolol prevents your heart rate from going up, that you wont have a chance of losing weight because you cant get your metabolism going due to slower heart rate. The drs tell you not to take atenol the day of a stress test because it is very hard to get the heart rate up. I have been on atenolol for 6 years and I've just gotten bigger and bigger. My eating habits havent changed..in fact I have gotten more wiser in the choices of food I make. I dont eat alot..but I dont really get alot of exercise either because right now my job is taking alot of my time. I'm just wondering if I am doomed to be overweight for as long as I am on the atenolol. Anyone else have the same problem?:dizzy:
Yes indeed,

Beta-blockers slow down many of the fat burning processes of the body and cause it to use fewer calories. I had a great deal of trouble keeping my weight down with Inderal.

Find another drug class if you only need the atenolol for BP contro. If for tachycardia or angina, your choices become more limited.
Just what I thought. ugh. How on earth am I going to be able to lose weight? The dr tells me I need to lose weight..but hes the one who keeps me on this medicine. doesnt he know that?? I take the atenolol not for blood pressure but for heart palps. I dont know if I can live with the palps but the weight is killing me too. ugh.
It's not IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight with atenolol, you just have to squeeze the calories a bit harder than without it.