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Thank you for taking the time to talk with me Kenkeith. This is the worst thing I have ever had to deal with concerning my health, I have always been healthy. The doctor didnt mention that I have any blood leaking back, but the nurse said a small bit was leaking when I talked with her on the phone. I am having a lot of anxiety, and am trying really hard to deal with this without the help of meds. I am also worried that as time goes by instead of doing anything to fix my valve he will try to medicate me for the problem. He has me taking an aspirin a day...no problem, and I know why he is doing that....and I am taking Protonix for my acid reflux which he seems to think is why my palps have completely stopped. He also gave me Atenolol for a beta blocker which I havent taken because my palps stopped. He had said to take it only when the palps were so bad I couldnt stand it. I hope I dont have that problem again for a long time. He didnt tell me not to do certain things, or not to exercise and I didnt think to ask. I lift a small weight for my flabby arms.;) ..I am assuming its ok to still do that.