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you may need a dose adjustment.. which BB are you on? i am taking atenolol 25mg once a day and it only lasts about 6hrs and i will still get some palps and such even a few hours after taking it.. but they are much less then they use to be i was getting them 20+ times a day ( the big thud ones that shock the heck out of ya) now i get little ones just off and on.. maybe 2-3 times a week max and at rare times some big ones..

i have been thinking i may need just a tad more of the med to totally stop them ( like maybe another 1/2 a pill later in the day to keep an active level in my system) so i am going to talk to my cardio dr next visit about this and see what he thinks..
I thought Atenolol lasted 12 hours,? I am on Inderal 20mg, the short acting, so I take it every 8 hours, sometimes earlier sometimes later. Since it is only day 10, we are still seeing what dosage and how often. I don't mind having little skips that I don't feel as much, but the last couple days were BIG HARD ones, and they literally take my breath away and I feel like the heart had stopped. This makes me in an anxious mood all day long, waiting for another one. I will call the Dr. tomorrow and ask if I need to adjust the dosage. Thanks for letting me know your situation, Michelle
Hey guys,

I am on Diliatzem 180 in the AM and Atenolol 20mg at night and haven't had one since August. I also take xanax when needed and see a therapist that I believe has helped even more. I went 5 years with no SVTs quit smoking, and bought a new house and wammo, the SVTs came back. Was on Diliatzem and Atenolol for 6 months and had about 4 big episodes where the rapid beats would not stop. I was able to stop them evidentially, but after a trip to the ER and they gave me 2 mg of xanax, they went away.
I don't take xanax on a regular basis now, but its nice to have just in case. I think that stress and anxiety definately do play a part in SVTs. I have been reading a lot more of people who think so also. But you know them docs, they want to give you meds for everything. And I was also on meds for GERD as well, but haven't had to take one of those in at least a month.

good luck,
Wait a minute......I'm on atenolol 25mg once daily and my doctor told me it's a once a day med. She did say however that it doesn't actually last 24 hours but is prescribed as once daily for most people. Hmmmmm.........anyway, I still get skips everyday and once in a while a fluttery feeling. Sometimes hard thump, mostly not. Call your doctor and see what she thinks. My cardio said BB don't completely stop pvc or pac in most people but should reduce them.
I know it's scary, scares me every time but I try to redirect my thinking and thank goodness for xanax!!

Take Care,