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I am a cardiac patient. I am a year out from a stent implantation. I currently take daily doses of Lipitor and Atenolol. I also take an 81mg aspirin everyday.

I was still having some chest pain. I went through a nuclear stress test, and was cleared of any cardiac problems. My cardiologist thought that it might be heartburn that was causing my problem.

About two months ago, she put me on Nexium. About a month ago, I started snoring. It is bad enough that my wife gets up most nights, and sleeps in the guest room.

I have always snored a little whenever I drank excessive amounts of alcohol or was overtired. But this is now a nightly occurrence. We have tried an over the counter spray, with only a little success.

The only change that I can think of is the Nexium.

Does any one else have any ideas?

Thanks for any and all input.