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miche.. every drug is different with every person. Sotalol for me has produced more a lowering blood pressure effect than any of the other medications I have tried. Not to mention you are changing to a different class of drugs. There are many beta blockers out there, you just need to be patient and try a few... metoprolol.. atenolol... Once you have tried another medication and it doesnt work, then demand to make an appointment to see a cardiologist and expect to wait to get in.
Hi Michelle. I was lurking on the heart boards because I'm having another issue and I happened to see your post. I'm sorry to hear the meds aren't working for you. IMO, stay away from Atenolol. That made my blood pressure drop way too low and I couldn't even function for about two days. I take bisoprolol now and it doesn't do much to my blood pressure. It drops my heart rate way low, but my bp is usually around 110-120/70-80. I hope you can find something that works for you.
Hi Leela,
Hey thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear about your heart problems, what is going on?
I know that everyone reacts differently to the beta blockers. Right now I"m staying on the Inderal for another week and then when I go in we'll talk about switching. I was hoping maybe Atenolol would work because I heard so many people in general take it and it has relatively few side effects. I read that Bisopropol should be used in caution with people with chronic bronchitis, and I get that alot with my asthma, but I'll ask about that one. In fact, I just came down with it yesterday, but because I've been on the Inderal for three weeks without it worsening my asthma, they said I can stay on it for now. I guess I"ll just have to try a few and see. I just hate starting a new one and getting the side effects again while your adjusting.
Hope your doing ok?
For anyone with a racing heart that soesn't respond well enough to propranolol or atenolol, I recommend a short trial with nadolol (Corgard.) My experience with it was that is SUPERB at lowering heart rate.

I was looking at steady 50's BPM when I tried it. It has a 3-day half life so be careful you don't start with too high a doseage. Maybe 40 mg. once per day is about right? Or even 20.

It can be hard to do anything too physical with it!