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Lenin... well at least I made you think.. and well work too!!! I have become all too familiar with the classes of antiarrhythmic drugs, unfortunately. And thanks for the info. I really would like to hear from someone that has tried this drug, but I dont know that I am going to find them. I think Tikosyn is a pretty rarely used drug as I know that it has a very strict regimen for dosing and prescribing. Guess I might have to just take the advice of my cardiologist and trust him. One thing about Sotalol, sotalol produces affects more of an antiarrhythmic, like flecainide, but has a small beta blocker affect. That is why it isnt used a whole lot compared to the beta blockers like metoprolol, atenolol, etc. Although for me I have had a pretty significant beta blocker affect in that it has lowered my blood pressure a fair amount, yet hasnt worked with my tachycardia. I was told that Sotalol is a very hit or miss drug, either you have good results or no results at all, which again is why it isnt one that is tried right away for SVT or tachycardias, and with better drugs out there for afib, it isnt a first line drug for that either. However it is a good combo drug since it exhibits both properties. I am very curious about tikosyn and its effectiveness. You wanna try it first for me and let me know????:)