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Hi Bug,
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you toossed a lot out:
I'll try to bat a few of them.

Left side pain: If it hurts while you drive it is most likely costochondriasis, an inflammation of the chest wall...it will go away by itself. Take Alleve, indocin, aspirin or ibuprofen for relief. It's not likely your heart.

Legs feel like lead: As your doctor said, it's the beta-blocker, atenolol.

Your BP isn't responding well...why not try a diuretic you may be salt sensitive...choices are hydrochlorothiazide or frusamide (since I gather you are UK...in the states it's called furosemide or Lasix.)

I'm going to leave it for the next person to translate your cholesterol numbers into mg./dL, I'm pooped from the gym.:blob_fire

I PRAY you don't have early Parkinson's...what do your doctor's make of the hand shaking?