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Quote from chad341:
i was on toprol xl for a while it works ok, then they caned it to betapace very costly but now they have a genirc form sotalol this better than the toprol for me im 33 pvcs started at 18,its hell to live with i no

Hey chad, I hear you, it is total hell to live with!! It sounds like you've found something to help you out, so that's great news.
I saw my GP today & he said I can try generic atenolol (only $5 a month!) and it will be comparable to Toprol. Hopefully it helps. Take care!

I think atenolol is usually a MUCH wiser choice.
Hi everyone - I haven't posted for a while, but wanted to follow up on this! Thanks for the great responses, by the way.

I decided to take my Toprol XL samples & visit my GP. He made jokes about how if the Toprol XL doesn't work, then I need to go see the "Inderal Doctor", etc.

He then wrote me an RX for generic atenolol - which cost me $4.26 :)
Quote from Lenin:

I think atenolol is usually a MUCH wiser choice.


The Atenolol definately helps when I have an episode. I could see my bpm going down after I took it for an episode the week of Tgiving. So far this week being on Magnesium 250mg like you recommended has helped a lot and so far only one hiccup, but not an episode.

Anxiety and hormonal changes seem to spark my SVTs also, but seeing a therapist and taking Xanax when needed has helped. Maybe ask your GP for a small supply of Xanax? My GP prescribed them and they are nice to have in my purse. They are addictive and I don't use them regularly. Sometimes you do just have to flip your switch to "not care" and xanax does a good job of it.

Good luck all,