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Cheers44 - Yes, bisoprolol is a beta blocker. I tried atenolol and I was on the verge of passing out for two days straight. My cardiologist told me that bisoprolol was the weakest of all of the beta blockers. I am no athlete either. I'm just trying to get my lazy butt back into shape these days. I just recently started working out and haven't been going that often. I'm trying for three days a week now. Before I was on the beta blocker, my tachycardia was pretty much in spurts. I never paid any attention to my heart until my doctor made me see a cardiologist because of a "borderline" EKG and he told me my heart rate was fast. That is when he put me on the atenolol and tried to kill me. :D After that, I started freaking out about my heart, which sure didn't help. It seemed like as soon as I would get out of bed in the morning my heart rate would skyrocket. It would come back down, but the slightest exertion would get it going again. I don't really think I have a diagnosis, but he did mention IST at one point in time. I have recently made some changes in my life and my stress level is pretty low. I have finally come to believe my cardiologist that nothing is wrong with my heart, and maybe that has helped some to drop my heart rate. It just amazes me that 1/4 of that little pill can cause my heart rate to drop so low.

Kenkeith - I don't think I have any kind of leakage. I have a murmur, but I have had echos and they say I do not have MVP or any other problems. I just don't like my heart rate this low. I guess it messes with my anxiety more than anything. I read things about how your heart rate is not supposed to go below 50 and it bothers me. I also get bothered by the fluctuation. I wear a heart monitor (chest strap type) when I work out (yes, I am a nut) and my bpm on the way there sitting in the car was around 50...as soon as we got there and I got out of the car it shot up to 80. Does that seem right? It is more mental than physical why I don't want it so low. It just scares me, that's all. I work upstairs and I always take the stairs. When I was smoking my hr would get up to over 100 walking up the stairs...now it gets to about 80 and goes right back down to 60 when I get to my office. I guess this is all probably OK, and I should not pay so much attention to it.

Thanks for the posts and the reassurance! I need it today!