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I don't have a lot of experience with prednisone other than taking a couple courses of it (shingles and ear surgery.)
Of course, the best class of drugs for tachycardias are the beta blockers which WILL slow your heart. BUT since they are potent antihypertensives, they will lessen the effect of high blood pressure andd water retention that prednisone usually causes.
I don't think prednisone and beta-blockers are contraindicated.

I think a titrated doseage of a beta bllocker could give you waht you want. Just keep monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure. Something like atenolol 50 mg. once per day might be a good place to start. Mention it to your doctor and see if he concurs. If your heart rate goes too low, you can split the pills to 25 mg.

Getting off prednisone is a GREAT idea if it is possible...the long term useage of this potent steroid can have really horrific consequences, especially on the joints and adrenals.
It is a wonderful antiinflammatory but really must be used only when REALLY needed and for as short a time as necessary and no longer.