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I have been able to find limited info on these things, and although my MD & I went over the med a lot, I forgot to ask about these things:

Calcium - whether antacids or supplement - I read that this can interfere with the absorbtion. Must I SKIP these, or just take 2 hours apart or ?

What about the calcium in foods ? Do I have to avoid milk, cheese, yogurt?

Magensium - can I still take this ?

Dosing: I am taking 25 mg. atenolol 1x per day. Since it is not an extended release product, it is usually more beneficial to take 2 doses per day (12 hours apart?)

Thanks for any help! :angel:
Hi there,

I had started taking magnesium in the summer, since I heard it can help some folks with PAC's & PVC's, as well as being a natural relaxant.

I take 250 mg. in the morning with my breakfast. It is a calcium/magnesium combination.

No diabetes, digestive disorders. My thyroid is a bit wacky (Hashimoto's Disease) but I am not taking thyroid hormones at this time, since it keeps self correcting.

I am just finishing weaning off of Xanax (I am taking a CRUMB) of it each night... other than that, the only thing I am taking is the atenolol.

HTH -thanks!
My heart doctor prescribed me atenolol 25mg a day as well. He told me not to take it unless I felt I had too. On my second visit to him he said my heart rate was so low that he didnt think I needed it at this time. THEN, today I went to my reg doctor at the clinc and he wanted to know WHY I wasnt taking it, He informed me that the doctor wouldnt have given it to me if I didnt need it. I told him I had never even took ONE of them, and he told me they prolonged life and I needed to take them...also my heart doctor put me on 325mg aspirin a day, and I am getting spots on my arms. Clinic doc told me to drop that to 81mg and see if that worked...well, it was my understanding that I was on the aspirin for possible A-fib and throwing a blood clot, so the only way I would know if it worked was if I didnt stroke out. What do you all think about that??? I dont want to begin a beta blocker just yet, and esp if the heart doc told me not to take it.
[QUOTE]also my heart doctor put me on 325mg aspirin a day, and I am getting spots on my arms. Clinic doc told me to drop that to 81mg and see if that worked

You are absolutely right;the only way the clinic doctor will know whether "it worked" was if you didn't fall over with a heart attack or a an ischemic stroke. If you did have a heart attack I guess his logical response would be "oops."

I think that ANY ADULT who is able to take 325 mg. aspirin/day without stomach discomfort SHOULD.
IF anyone determines he is bruising too readily, then a platelet stickiness test should be done.
I read a study some time ago that indicated at least 25% of people taking a kiddie aspirin get an insufficient platelet clumping inhibition but the number drops dramatically if they are switched to 325 mg. I take 650 mg. a day to make sure that base is covered.
It is also among the very best anti-inflammatory drugs.

ANYONE with heart rhythm difficulty should try magnesium supplementation to see if it helps. NOBODY can overdose with 250 mg./day...or even 500 mg./day.
If you DO OD, the symptom is that of a mild laxative. A typical laxative dose is many times this amount. If you get loose bowels cut back. I don't think ANYONE will notice bowel problems by supplementing with 250 mg./day (which is what I take.)
Some E/R's automatically inject a large dose for ANYONE presenting in cardiac distress.

With a half life of 6 hours, I think anyone who wants a better distribution over 24 hours is wise to divide the dose in two.