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It sounds like to me that you may have some of the same issues I have had for 16 years. Wierd periods of SVTs.
I used to be worried about my heart rate going crazy when I was trying to get some exercise and it may be your problem too.

If your heart has been checked by a cardio, then I would try some Magnesium suppliments and ask for some xanax because anxiety may be the cause. Read up some on the anxiety board, because I am starting to believe that it is what causes mine. I had 4 in a 6 months time, but since July I have only had one episode of bpm over 200!
Since July, I have changed my diet, lost 15 pounds, exercise at least 20 min 4times a week, and are seeing a therapist.
Xanax and atenolol work great when I have an episode, that is if I can't seem to get them down on my own by trying relaxation techniques.

If all the docs say your heart is okay, check out the anxiety boards because a lot of us on that board speak of palps, SVTs, PVCs and other types of heart rate irregulaties.

good luck,