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Hello All - I have been suffering from Tachycardia since I returned from Kosovo in 1999. When I went over there I was on NO medication but since then I have come down with HBP, Tachycardia and Neuropathy. I heard someone that Tachycardia could be caused by your thyroid and was concerned because I handled Depleted Uranium as a munitions systems specialist/ EOD specialist, both complete rounds and the cases after the round had been shot. Does anyone know what the effect of DU has on the thyroid?

The VA has been stringing me along for 5 years (and no kidding, a different Dr. each visit) and today was the last day of messing with them when the Dr. got an attitude when I asked why after 8 years of sinus tachycardia, I had never been prescribed a beta blocker, just lisinopril 20mg a day and verapamil 360mg a day. She stated I needed to see a specialist and to make a long story short, I ended up getting an escort out of the VA center.

I went to a private Dr. that I have delt with for non- service connected illness and he gave me Atenolol. Was this a good choice?

I doubt that the connection between DU and thyroid problems is a high probability, but the connection with hypertension from kidney damage is more likeley. Although I have read that IEAQUI civilians are coming down with increased cases of thyroid cancer.

DU is discharged from the body via kidney and liver so these are areas of concern. THe most pernicious aspects are the ability of tiny particles to lodge in the lungs where they remain a cancer threat for a few BILLION years. It's the finest dust that is most damaging. It's the "shot casings" that posed the greatest threat to you.

I think using these materiels in warfare strikes me as a prima facie case of a war crime. THe planet is being dangerously contamiinated by very stupid, very shortsighted men and the contamination will last until the end of time.

Of course the VA will run you ragged til the end of time. Only after hundreds of cases are settled in court will the government usually ever admit a "maybe" and this current government, NEVER. It's apparently become the new way for the United States to get rid of its nuclear wastes:
[QUOTE]An estimated 286 tons of depleted-uranium munitions were fired by the United States in Iraq and Kuwait in 1991. An estimated 130 tons were shot toppling Saddam Hussein.

Atenolol is a good choice for treating both the tachy AND the high blood pressure. It's most prevalent downsides are fatigue, insomnia and bad dreams, and erectile disfuntion.
All you can do is try it and see how it treats you.