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1) diagnosed when I was 19, but had episodes before then. Now I am 36
2) triggers may have been stress, but still unsure
3) have had holter monitors, EKGs, ECGs, blood tests out the wazoo, and a nuclear stress test
4) getting regular exercise and Magnesium seems to keep them away, and stress, anxiety and my period seems to bring them on.
5) I usually get them once every few days, but dont' see any pattern. They do usually happen more at 5p or right before I go to sleep.
6) I am on Diltiazem180mg, Atenolol 20mg, Benicar 25mg and 500mg of magnesium.
7) I have been advised to exercise more and try to relax more.
I was put on Atenolol approx 5 years ago for irregular heartbeat. I made an appointment to see a cardiologist this year because they got so bad that the atenolol which usually helped wasn't helping anymore. The cardiologist did an echo and holtor monitor and told me everything was fine. He advised me to cut down on my caffeine and smoking and he felt the irregular heartbeats would decrease. I stopped drinking coffee, limited my tea, and decreased my smoking. I haven't taken an atenolol in over 1 month and I feel GREAT!!! Wished the cardiologist would have told me this sooner. :blob_fire