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Your going to be okay. How long did it take for that the episode to subside?
I had an episode on Dec 30th last year and it was my first in 5 years and it freaked me out big time also. Did the Xanax help slow your rate down?
Are you on anything to help prevent the episodes?

The last one I had, I took a xanax and an atenolol and it was down in 40 minutes. Ask the doctor for a ECG or echocardiogram to make sure your don't have an enlarged heart.

Your episode sounded like all of mine. Got up off the couch and wammo the heart just goes off for no reason. As long as you are able to get them down and you have no heart condition then there is nothing to worry.

They may try to talk you into getting ablation, but I have heard that the procedure does not have that great of success rate.

Trust me, I have lived with these for 16 years and they are definately no fun! Especially when you pile stress and anxiety on top of it!

good luck,