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i am on atenolol (25mg) everyday and i am having surgery on wednesday. i am worried about using general anesthesia and being on atenolol. i worry about everything so this may sound silly. has anyone heard if it is ok to be on atenolol while having general anesthesia. i am on atenolol for mitral valve prolapse, history of svt's, and fast heartrate. my dr. knows i am on atenolol but did not say to withold it. atenolol is not something you can really just quit taking. so i was not sure. has anyone had this experience?
i am having a tubal reversal. my dr asked what medicine i was on and i told him atenolol and that i had mvp. he did not say anything about getting off the atenolol, which i would be scared to just get off it anyways. he did not say anything else. all i know is it is a tubal reversal and should take about 2 hours under general anesthesia. i go back tuesday day before surgery and have consult and i will ask him what to do. thanks for your input.