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Yes indeed they are very scarey. I've lived with them for the past few years and I too passed every cardiac test out there. And was told it was just anxiety. Well after much searching and questioning different drs and many trips to the ER I ran into a dr who didnt think I was "too young" for a cardiac cath. (I was 39 at the time) He found a 90% blockage as well as mvp (which they see that on the echo) In my opinion (and others may not share it) I think my palps have alot to do with those two problems. I dont get them as much now since I have upped the dosage of atenolol to 50 mg. I tried the magnesium but it didnt work for me..it just made em worse. The event monitor records 30 seconds prior and 30 seconds after you push the button, so even if they stopped before you can push the button, you still have that 30 sec time frame that it recorded. You might ask if you can wear the monitor again. There are a variety of reasons that cause the palps and most of those reasons will not kill you. Oh! and I had other symptoms that accompanied my blockage..so dont think just cause you have palps that you have a blockage. :p But I do highly suggest that if you know in your heart that there is something being missed..follow up on it even if you have to change cardiologists. YOU know your body better than anyone and if I had listened to those other quacks I wouldnt be here to tell you might delightful story now lol. God Bless you and go with your gut and many prayers. And try to calm down...a lil xanax never hurts lol.