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Coreg is a new non-selective beta-blocker that is highly touted is is also highly PRICED at about $4 a day. It is claimed to be be better at treating heart failure but the evidence is slight.

For myself, who is not made of money, I would probably choose propranolol, nadolol, atenolol or metropolol on the basis of price. These all cost about a tenth the price for CoReg.

With unlimited resources I would read every word published on Coreg to see if it is any better than the other beta-blockers.

I think your choice of sticking with the aspirin is a good one. CHeck to see if the nosebleeds continue...then make the decision AGAIN.:D

No need to wean from aspirin becasue the anticlotting efect lasts for 7-10 days. Once a platelet is "aspirinized" it remains non-sticky for life and its life is 7-10 days...so the effect overall it wears off very gradually.

IF the aspirin is causing the nosebleeds, I would recommend taking the aspirin twice a week on the basis that it is better than nothing.