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I am taking Omega 3 Fish Oil 1200 mg cholesterol free once a day in the morning with all my other drugs :p . Well, before I got my first set of stents I was getting the pvcs like crazy!!!! especially after I ate...forward to today and a couple of more stents later..I dont get them as much. The were starting up again last Oct. so my dr upped my atenolol from 25mg to 50mg once a day. They have decreased significantly and then taking the fish oil, I only get 1-2 skipped beats a day. Before the fish oil I tried magnesium but that only made mine worse, so I had to stop taking that. I read that there is a lot of benefits to fish oil. I asked my cardiologist and he said sure! take them. I havent heard any bad things, so I guess it is beneficial. OH! and if you take any cholesterol meds..be sure to take milk thistle. It helps keep a healthy liver. I take all kinds of meds and the milk thistle and my liver function is fantastic. And if you are trying to bring down cholesterol naturally, try garlique and red yeast rice. Very good for cholesterol, plus oatmeal every day. (my husband does this regimen and has brought his cholesterol way down).