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Last November I suffered a heart attack and like many others I refused to admit that it was happening to me so I failed to do anything until the day after only to find out I was lucky to be alive. I was admitted to the hospital, stayed two days had all the tests but no procedures. I was told that my ejection fraction is 52 and I have sustained a medium amount of damage to my heart. My cardiologist has placed me on the normal meds ( Clopidogrel, Vytorin, Atenolol, Lisinopril and low dose aspirin). My concern is the article I read in the Consumer Reports Medical Report. QUOTE: "Nearly half of the people who suffer a heart attack prior to the age of 65 will die within 8 years." Now being 58 I have to wonder if this is true and if so what determines ones' outcome. Any words of widom or advice would be welcomed.