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I have in the past been diagnosed with sinus tach and pvc's whch I take atenolol 25mg for and it really helps the tach but not so much with the pvc's. They have however gotten less frequent since starting cal/mag supplements among other supplements I take daily. I saw a cardio in Oct 06. He did an EKG, echo, blood work and 24 hr holter. He said aside from 17 pvc's and a few times when my heart rate went over 100 for a while(120's during moderate exercise) he didn't see anything abnormal. I asked him for a thallium stress test but he said he'd rather do a cardiac ct scan. I asked him if he'd do both just for my peace of mind. I feel scared to exercise. He said no, there's no need to do both and he prefers the ct scan. I also asked for the 30 day event monitor because I have what I can only explain as a thumping flutter every so often. It feels like several really hard heartbeats, faster than my normal rate, lasts about 5-8 seconds and then back to normal.(I also get chest discomfort which comes and goes and was told it isn't my heart) He said he didn't know what that was but wouldn't do the 30 day event monitor. I've had several 24 hr monitors over the years but they never catch that weird flutter thing - it always happens within a few hours of removing the holter! :dizzy:
Question 1 - should I go to a new cardio and tell him what I want done or just be more insistent with the doc I have now? I feel so put off by him at this point.
Question 2 - what the heck could that thumping flutter thing be? I've tried looking it up but can't find anything except A fib which I really hope it isn't!

I'm fed up and just want to know if I can stop worrying!!

Thanks for any help!