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I am 34 years old and have been battling health issues for over 15 years.

Obesity (5'2", 220 lbs., down from a high of 278 last year)
High Triglycerides (208, down from 400)
High Cholesterol (174, down from 238 - LDL 101 ok, HDL 38 way too low)
HBP average of 135/88, up from 128/80
Type 2 Diabetes (avg fasting glucose is 110, 2-hr post-meal 150 or less, last A1c was 6.3)
Uterine Cancer (one-year in remission YEAH!)
Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with Ovary and Lymph Node removal
Slight Incontinence
Muscle Spasms in Pelvic/Rectal/Vaginal Area
Anxiety/Panic Disorder
Obsessed/Convinced my Cardiovascular System is Irrepairably Damaged
Scared Sh**less of Dying Young

I am a mother of one teenage boy and happily married. I work full-time at a sometime stressful job.

I currently take Atenolol for BP; Paxil for anxiety/depression; Detrol for bladder spasms; baby aspirin for my heart; Cinnamon capsules for glucose control; Calcium Supplement; Multi-Vitamin.

I have changed my diet to a low-carb, whole-grain, low-sugar diet. I have lost over 50 pounds in the last year and have 100 more to go. My cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels have improved with weight loss, but my blood pressure is going up instead of down.

I am completely scared out of my mind that I am a walking time bomb for a heart attack or stroke in my 30's, to the point of worrying myself so much that I am not sure which sickness is real and which is from worrying.

I have currently been suffering from waves of nausea, intermittent slight chest pain, a lot of upper back pain, and lightheadedness.

I have had these symptoms before, a few years ago I wore a Holter monitor, had an EKG, had an echocardiogram and was told everything was fine. I have asked my doctor about doing some type of test so that I can know for sure if I have already got clogged arteries or heart failure, etc. All he said was, "None of those tests will tell me anything that I don't already know; you are at high risk for heart problems." Another doctor told me, "We could do all the most expensive heart tests in the world and give you a clean bill of health and you could walk outside and drop dead of a heart attack."

I have friends who are also obese and they are healthy! Good blood pressure, good glucose levels, good lipids . . . sometimes I feel like I am all alone!

I have been trying to walk on a treadmill a little bit and walk my dog; now that I have changed my diet, I want to add some exercise. But, I will get lightheaded and then I get scared. So, now I am afraid NOT to exercise (cause my heart needs it) and I am afraid TO exercise (cause I might have a heart attack). I am even too afraid of having sex with my husband!

I just had to leave a cancer walk that I was going to do because after the first lap I started to feel really lightheaded and nauseaous. I got a very upset stomach with diahrrea. I feel like I am "inside" my own body looking out. I am soooo tired all the time, no matter how much I sleep. And now this dizziness; it is like "buzzing" after having a couple of beers, only I don't drink! (I know how it feels though, cause I had my fun in college!)

Also, I am so obsessed about my heart. I am so scared about any pains in my chest, etc. I take my pulse (as if that will tell me anything) and pray and pray all the time not to let me die too young . . . and the doctors just brush me off and say the lightheadedness could be my sinuses; but I have no plugged up nose, or runny yellow stuff . . . only a slight headache sometimes behind my nose and eyes. (I have been treated for several sinus infections in the past, too.)

Is there anyone out there who can relate? Who has any advice? Or am I just a freak?!

Hi MorticiaRose, Sorry it has taken so long to write. Congratulations on such a great weight loss. It's a battle I don't seem to have much luck with despite seeing a dietician, belonging to tops and going to an exercise group three times a week. This weight loss will put you on the right track to becoming more healty.You must be feeling somewhat better. I do exercises in the water and am really enjoying it and do feel better when I go, but like you I am nervous of even the little pains and quirks I feel. I also work full time at an extremely stressfull job, have 2 teenagers and a husband. I am 48 years old. My health issues only really started in the last 5 years or so. BP is finally getting controlled but it has taken 6 months.How much atenolol do you take? and when did you start it. I started on 50 mgs and it just wiped me out. So Dr agreed to cut it back to 25. Like you my head was a mess, lightheaded , buzzing etc.(I also don't drink) Before beginning medication I used to have massive headaches that I would take 3 advil migrane pills and it would still not help. My BP average was probably 150/100 or higher until two visits ago.I didn't have my machine then. I usually have to go at least once a month and even had two months when I had appointments every week with either the Dr or his Nurse practioners. When I first went on atenolol I was terrified and almost went to emergency, but now that I am off it I almost miss it as I really notice now how hard my heart pounds when I climb the stairs and try to do anything.At first it(the atenolol) gave me chest pains and I was afraid to move my arms as it would trigger these weird feelings. And if I recall there were days of nausea and feeling like not wanting to eat. Now that I am off it however, I am almost tempted to take it again as I felt much safer with it . I also take Hydrochlorothiazide and Altace. Was taking 25 mgs of atenolol along with these. Unfortunately dropping the atenolol has not cleared up my head as much as I would like although it is better than it was. Finally hit 120/80 just 2 weeks ago at the Dr but because of having to drop the atenolol am having trouble again. Dr wants to up the Altace. Says he doesn't want me getting sick?? whatever he means by that. You may have answered some of my questions. When I was first diagnosed the only thing the Dr did was blood work and nothing else. I always wondered like you if I am a ticking time bomb and would like a few tests just to be sure.Always wondered why he never did further testing considering how high and how long it was out of control, and with my weight and family history. He is probably thinking like yours ,it isn't going to tell him anything he doesn't already know. It took a lot of courage for me to go to the Dr and usually run the other way. I also have mild thyroid issues but seems to be under control with 75 mgs of thyroid medication synthroid. My father passed away in his mid 40's from cholesteral blockages. He had two bypass surgeries and refused the last one. I am already older than he was when he died. My brother also has cholesterol and high BP. Luckily my cholesterol is not too bad, just not enough of the good kind so they are freaking out about that a little bit. Dr doesn't hassle me much about my weight, just keeps pushing me to be sure to keep up with the dietician. Over the years he never said boo about my weight until the BP thing hit. I have had the same Dr for 23 years and have always been overweight since I was a young teenager. 5 lbs a year soon adds up to the 150 lb excess. My Dr doesn't usually tell me the numbers from the blood work and I get too nervous when there and don't talk much and then have questions I think about when I get home. I do know that I had A1C but it was fine. I thought a 6 average was good. With your weight loss I am surprised your blood pressure is acting up but it may just be a temp reaction to medication or changes or something. Your numbers shouldn't cause you to panic too much yet. You have definitely had a rough road but you are on the right track and sounds like you are working in the right direction. When my mom was ill , her Dr looked at me and said weight was a major issue for Cancer. She had breast cancer that went to Ovarian cancer and never much had a chance. Oddly there is no other cancer in the family before her. So again your weight loss should help you out. I never worried about my weight till the last few years and now that I am really trying I seem to go nowhere fast. I think you are doing great and it will get better, especially with a few nice days of sunshine. Just remember to stop and smell the Roses.