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Hello Marcia and everyone! I am sorry it took me so long to reply; things have been busy and hectic! I am sorry my first post was a bit confusing! I have a tendency to ramble on and just type whatever comes to mind, and I probably jump here and there trying to explain things! I do have neck issues; but all my doctor said was "boy, your neck is a mess"! I didn't even question the results of the MRI, as I was just so happy there wasn't any brain tumor/cancer, etc! At that time, I took steps to help the weird headache feelings I was having, such as going to a chiopractor, and then the trigger point injections. My neuoroligist did say that the squeezing, burning pain at the base of my skull was indeed from the discs in the neck. So then, I was satisfied with that diagnosis, although I still have some trouble with the funny feelings in the neck and lower skull area...as well as a buzzing sensation in the ears.

Then about 5 months ago, after doing some heavy cleaning, moving furniture, etc., I developed a "stitch" in the right side. Ignored it for a week or so, thought it was a pulled muscle. Then I went to my family doc again, and he sent me to therapy. Went for about 3 weeks with no relief. Then had another MRI of the back, and stomache (thought I might have gall bladder issues,), and those two tests came back ok, according to my family doctor. I do have the actual copies of the film, but not the written report. This "stitch" developed into the full fledge pain that I had first described as to the burning sensation in the chest (below my breast area) and the upper back area. It is still there, but not quite as bad as in the beginning.....just had another shot last week for both my neck and the upper back area. The MRI of the back area did not show anything significient other then some degeneration of the discs in my back and some arthritus. So, now my neurologist is saying that I might have nerve damage, or perhaps a touch of fibermayalgia. Boy, am I confused!

But wait...here's more! The past two weeks I have had terrible cramps in my legs, and such pain in the muscles in my calves. As well as pain in the lower middle back now. My pain is just moving all around the place, and nobody knows nothing!! Your idea, Marcia of seeing a neurosurgeon is an excellent one; I have never thought about that. I have an appointment with a rhemotologist next month, but I am going to look into your suggestion. The neurologist doesn't seem to be doing me much good with those shots.....as ibake&pray said, they don't seem to do much good.

I hope I helped clear some thing up in this post! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed and confused, I forget what doctor I went to, what tests I had done, and when!!

One more short thing; I am also taking Atenolol (bp medication) and just read that can cause muscle aches and pains. I am currently cutting my dosage and am going to wean off it for a bit to see if that helps my legs. Worth a try for a little while.

KKmom, Marcia, and ibake&pray....I really thank you so much for your help and thoughts. It does help to have somebody to "complain" to, and to listen to me! My best to you all, and hope your doing ok.