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Hi all I was hoping someone could give me info/input on the supplements my daughters doc just ordered for her. Here goes:
Coenzyme Q10 (qec100)
DHA (proDHA)
Probio defense
He also started her on minocycline (lyme disease?)
She is also on Atenolol for neurocardiogenic syncope.
Heres a little background on her. She has been getting progressively sick the last 2 years. Was dx with subacute thyroiditis(has resolved but still has thyroid autoantibodies) also had mono x2 along with strep. Many sore throats, chronic fatigue, unable to go to school, cant concentrate, etc. Was dx with lyme, then wasnt then was then wasnt(you get the idea). He is checking for gluten sensitivity and yeast overgrowth.
Has anyone used any of these supplements and how did they work for you?