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Well, I'm back (awful pun) to reading the posts everyday, so we all know what that means. In fact, I'm sitting here at 3:45 A.M. writing this.

Some of you may remember that I had plans to go to China this summer to teach, but I was having apprehensions about going, considering my back condition (PLIF L5/S un Dec. 2003, and two nerve decompressions after that). I've taught in 8 summer sessions in China and lived there for 2 years so I knew the physical demands of walking a lot, climbing several flights of strairs, etc., etc., etc. Let me just say that China isn't for wimps. Not considering myself a wimp, I went, for 5 weeks, taking lots of hydrocodone and ibuprofren with me.

My back condition is as follows: of course, DDD, lumbar stenosis, sciatica, slight scoliosis, bulging discs at every lumbar level, and spondylolisthesis. I think that's all. I left for China the first of July, but beginning in June I had begun having tingling sensations in my left knee area. Since July, that tingling sensation has crept down my leg all the way to my toes, coming at any time, sitting or standing, moving or still. Sometimes a change of position helps, but sometimes it doesn't. The sciatica has increased tremendously.

My last checkup was in May 2007 and I'm to go in Dec. for another. At the last checkup he said he really couldn't do anything more other than a 3 level fusion which he was hesitant to do, or he could send me to the PM doc. I don't want a SCS or a morphine pump. Actually, I don't "want" a triple level fusion, either. I guess my problem is, "Do I, should I, schedule another visit, considering I've closed the door on 2 options and the doctor has closed the door on the other one? I feel like I'm overloading myself on meds and wonder what the outcome will be of that. Currently I take Lunesta for sleep, Effexor CR for depression, Atenolol for hypertension, and then the hydrocodone and ibuprofen.

My husband of 45 years died 1 1/2 years ago, so I don't have him to bounce things off. My children (only one lives nearby) are very understanding but I don't want to complain all the time, so I put on my mask and they really don't know that things are as bad as they are. My son is in Iraq, and another daughter lives in Ill. I also try to pretend around friends and out in public, just because I know that they are probably tired of my back . . . heck, so am I!

If you've hung in there, you're tired of my back also. We each have our own situations and mine doesn't sound nearly as severe as some of yours. However, the one we have to live with is our own, so if anyone has any input, I'd be grateful. Now, I'm going to try to go back to bed and see if I can finish out the night asleep.