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Hello to all members here. I usually post on the heart disorder board, as I have heart disease (duh, lol).

Let me say that I feel so sorry for all of you who suffer from this terrorizing disease. I think I have had drug induced Lupus for almost 2 years. The drug is (was for me) atenolol which is a beta blocker that lowers BP, reduces the force of the contraction of the heart muscle, and reduces the heart rate.

It is one of a couple of beta blockers on the list of drugs that can cause drug induced Lupus.

I believe it started when a rash developed where a man would least likely want a rash. I went to my urologist immediately and was afraid it might be cancer. I knew it could not have been an std.

He looked at the rash and would read my chart and said almost any one of these many medicines you take can cause a "drug induced rash". He asked me to stop one of the drugs he was prescribing, an antibiotic (one daily for an indefinite time, for chronic prostatitis), and he prescribed a very powerful cream for the rash. I would use the cream but the rash kept coming back. It would wax and wane kind of.

The Lupus symptoms had started a while before the rash appeared. I ached from head to toe. Muscles and joints. I had severe fatigue and overall chronic pain and depression from the pain.

I could find no traditional mds to help me, so I went to a naturopath. He did extensive blood tests (Mayo Clinic Lab) and found that I had some blood irregularities, i.e. low B-12 but most importantly I had what is know as "reactivated Epstein Barr Virus".

So to try to shorten this book, I went to an infectious disease doctor who diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS. I went to a rheumatologist and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, arthralgia and Fibromyalgia. This was late last summer.

I had a heart attack and light stroke in 6/28/2003, so I was in and out of hospitals due to coronary artery blockages during this time. I will have bypass surgery probably before the year is out, or early 2008.

Anyway about 12 days ago, I somehow stumbled over a list of medicines known to possibly cause drug induced Lupus. My health had got so bad that I was sleeping 15 or more hours a day. When I found this out, I contacted my cardiologist and he changed me to another beta blocker immediately. It has been 12 or 13 days since I have stopped the atenolol, and I am slowly but surely recovering :) I cannot believe what happened to me.

I feel so sorry for you guys. I know that sorrow does not help you but I believe you all are truly champions. If all the world only knew of the suffering.

I just wanted to relate my story and if you suspect that a medicine you are taking my be causing DIL, which is probably rare, just do a search and you will find a list of drugs that can induce Lupus. I do not believe the ANA is positive in DIL.

G-d bless all of you :)
VeeJ :) thanks so much for your response :) You are extremely intelligent, and since I have been reading some of the post and stickies, I have found many intelligent folks here. :angel:

Let me first tell you that I have had no testing concerning the DIL. Once I saw atenolol on the list, I almost knew it was causing it. I am still feeling better, but not as "better" as the first few days after changing beta blockers.

I don't know how familiar you are with the drug class of BBs, but they are very potent heart meds that cause fatigue in many who take them. So, it is hard to tell what is bothering me the most, lol. My knew BB may be starting to show side effects, mainly fatigue, which could very well get better.

I have some degree of heart failure from the heart attack and CAD. The failure is in the form of diastolic failure and hypokinesis of my left ventricular wall. My left atrium is enlarged and I have a leaky mitral valve.

I know that my activity is limited by my heart, to some degree. I have pain due to diagnosed osteoarthritis and if Fibromyalgia is real, I have been diagnosed with that, and chronic fatigue syndrome. My EBV titers on each test I have taken in the last 2 years show the chronic reactivation of the EBV, big time.

When I first saw my rheumatologist last year, my knuckles were really swollen and red. I could hardly use my hands. He did a lot of blood work, and most everything was normal, except for my IgA, IgM and IgG which were all below the low reference range.

The infectious disease doctor had previously found the same, which resulted in him doing some highly sophisticated blood work (per him, lol) which said it was ok for me to have these 3 low IG levels, lol.

My rheumatologist is very intelligent, but pushes his "trigger point" injections into my lower back, The cocktail is mixed; prednisone, lidocaine and something else I think. I could be wrong about the lidocaine......Anyway the first shots helped and then they began to do nothing. I stopped seeing him, but I think I need to get an appointment with him soon for more blood work and imaging of my lower spine! My back is killing me.

I am a doctor's nightmare. So many of my symptoms overlap, my diagnoses treatments tend to interfere with heart disease and I react totally strangely to medicines. The pill forms of corticosteroids (methaxxx?, prednisone) that come with the 12 or whatever day dose pac, make me totally psychotic and my intestines feel like I have ate barbed wire, lol. Seems I can tolerate a shot of prednisone in the muscle without the extreme effects as the dose pacs.

Thanks so much for all of your information and kindness. I have read for an hour or so here, but still wonder if my ANA might show up + on a repeat(ed) test(s)?

Again thanks so much for your reply. I regret mine being so long and wandering :( I threw down so many diagoses and symptoms in hope that you might see a pattern, other than the need to just go ahead and get ready for the long dirt nap :) I have to hold on to my humor. Nothing can take that away :)

My best to you,


P.S. I printed out your above reply for study material......

Another question.....I have small sores that always appear with scabs (sorry) on my lower arms and scalp. The ones on my scalp really itch. I just thought this may be of some meaning to you, Dr. VeeJ