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Hi :) I was wondering if everyone is told that they have to go to see an SS doctor.
No one has told me I have to go and my case is at the pre-hearing stage my lawyer told me.
I contacted my local Congressman sometime back for help as well.
My lawyer said my medical records speak for themselves and that should be all I need.
On top of all my mental and medical problems I have already, I am having so much trouble with my new blood pressure medicine. It is making me so dizzy and my Dr. said to stay on it because it is suppose to help with my heart palps.
Can blood pressure go up when one is in alot of pain and has anyone ever tried atenolol?
Thanks :)
I mainly lurk on this board, but wanted to "pipe" in on your questions. I was approved for SSD on my first appeal. After reading people's stories here, I consider myself extremely lucky. I never had to see a SS doctor of any kind. I've heard that once approved, a lot of people are told their case comes under review after a certain number of years. I have never been told that. I don't know, but it could be because I have muscular dystrophy, they figure there's no need to review since my condition will only worsen over time, which unfortunately, it has done. My condition is much worse now than it was when I was approved. Anyway --

I've taken atenolol for years. They did have to lower my dosage when I was having problems with dizziness, but I've been fine on it since then.