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I think it is better to be safe than to be sorry...knowing what I know now, I would wean off...

You might want to check with your pharmacist to see what s/he recommends for getting off atenolol and going on lisinopriol.

Otherwise, you can check these boards. One of the most read threads, addresses this issue in Randygirl's post #10.

Atenolol stays in your system for several weeks after discoing...so I'd be concerned about starting the lisinopril right away...but perhaps it takes lisinopril several weeks to work. I don't know...but I would hope that the pharmacist would know.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Just to add my 2 cents worth...I would wean off the atenolol also. I am on both the medicines you mentioned. Lisinopril 25mg and Atenolol 25mg. My doctor 1st put me on Lisinopril for consistently high blood pressure. I took it for 2 wks. and went back for follow-up and I still had a " rapid " heartbeat so he added the Atenolol. I have been on this dosages for 1 year and I am doing fine and have had no side effects, other than some tiredness during the first weeks. For some reason, I feel less anxious, I don't really understand how these medicines effect that but, I really feel better overall.
I think you'll find that most of the people who post on this board, have had or are having problems with medication. Therefore, they don't have a whole lot of positive things to say about medications given for blood pressure. True, some people DO have very real problems with certain medications. On the other hand, MANY people are helped by those same medicines. It is just a highly individual choice for each person, with their doctor's guidance, to make.