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Hi all,

Hope all is well with everyone.

Since posting last, my dosage of 50 mg Atenolol has been reduced for a month by half, thanks to simply buying a BP monitor and bringing in my recorded values to my GP. He doubts the accuracy of home monitors, but said my numbers were 'low normal'. I asked him could I try cutting my meds by half and he agreed, but said to keep pressure down to 135 over 85. At the moment my lowest values in the morning on 25 mg of Atenolol is 99/52. I haven't gone over the 140/90 'normal' guideline yet! I hope it continues.

This morning was 96/67 at 7.30am with a pulse of 80. :)



That's fantastic, absolutely fantastic!!!

Keep in mind that atenolol is a beta blocker and when you go off a beta blocker pressures can rebound (go higher than they would go without medication---oh, I'm not explaining this well at all).

Hopefully, your gradual reduction will prevent this from happening...but if the pressures spike up, don't automatically assume you need more medication...it may just be rebound.

Congratulations, Marantz!

You are doing extremely well. Your dose reduction is a great accomplishment.

I just ran into a friend I haven't seen in some time. As is happens, she is 45, was diagnosed with hypertension (200/120 or so) last year and even saw my BP doctor once for a consultation. He put her on 100mg Atenolol. Eight months later, she is on 25mg Atenolol, able to work out in the gym without breathing difficulties (a low enough dose) and has lost a lot of weight. Her blood pressure is 126/80, give or take. She is aiming for no medication at all. I believe she might be able to do it! Of course, she suggested I join her in her gym workouts. I can't see myself doing that at this time though I would LIKE to. I do wish I could follow her example and get into shape as she has. She looks and feels GREAT!!!
Just thought I'd mention it.....another success story. :) So very similar to yours!!!!

Keep up the good work :cool: