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I was given some atenolol from the pharmacy. It is a round white pill with a score one side with an [COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="3"]S on top and the numbers [SIZE="3"][COLOR="blue"][COLOR="Blue"]421 on the bottom. The other is plain.
I was told it is a 50 mg. tablet but on the bottle it says 25 mg.
Please help me find out
[QUOTE=deltaelise;3478468]...I was told it is a 50 mg. tablet but on the bottle it says 25 mg.
Please help me find out

Given the inconsistencies in coding on the pills and packaging on the bottle I would return the product and demand a full refund. This is unacceptable!!! and too many of us have experienced similar inconsistencies.

It has been over a year since I've taken atenolol but from what I could learn, the imprinting varies depending on what pharmaceutical company makes the drug. It is possible that they substituted a generic version for the brand name (tenormin for atenolol) but I am only guessing. The important thing is that your medication IS NOT PROPERLY LABELED and I would suspect this is in violation of law. You get 5 stars for catching this!

Don't let the pharmacy give you any grief (you can give them more grief by filing a complaint with your state's consumer protection agency)....if they do, you can shop elsewhere.

One "unverified" source on the internet says that the S 421 Atenolol pill is 50 mg, produced by German company, Stada.

You should call the pharmacy and double check.
One time they gave me something called geo done and I looked it up and found out it was an anti-psychotic. I took it right back and the pharmacist freaked out. I was suppose to be getting tramadol that particular time.
I am going to take a picture of the atenolol bottle this time before I take it back.