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I was on Atenolol for about 5 months, and in that time I suffered greatly with side-effects. The worst for me were: palpitations, depression, anxiety, tiredness - to mention a few. I am now on Micardis without any side-effects that I am at least aware of. Some people seem to tolerate Atenolol well, but for those who don't it can be unbearable. I noticed also the Atenolol wasn't able to hold my BP down as consistently as the Micardis does. My values were all over the place with the Atenolol. This is just my experience, you might be OK with this beta blocker.

Marantz :)
I was just prescribed Atenolol, so I am curious at what mgs. you were given and why do you think it did that to you? Have you taken a beta blocker before, like Inderal? I am on Inderal now and have the other to go to. I am nervous though, trying a new med out and reading your experience with it, scared me more. I don't want my heart beat to race or my bp to drop. Plus I already have anxiety issues, so I certainly don't want anymore of that!

I'm not sure if you are directing your question to me or the OP, but I'll answer in case it was.

I was taking 50 mg of Atenolol. They just didn't agree with me at all and like I mentioned, some people do tolerate them well. I have to say also I was very anxious at the time (having been diagnosed with EBP) so that didn't help matters either. Give them a try and see how you get on and well and good if they don't agree with you you can also change to something else. Stay in touch.

They are both beta blockers and I have taken both at various times. Neither brought my blood pressure down to anything like a normal level, so now I use Altace for bp control and still take 150 mg of atenolol because of my heart. My doc says that betas are often not effective for bp problems, so he uses them mainly for heart problems and adds something else for bp.

Marantz-what is EBP? Elevated blood pressure?


Ya, I just think it sounds 'nicer' :D It kinda gives some hope that ones BP might decrease. I'm probably still in denial.


P.S., I had bad anxiety and depression on Atenolol (a beta blocker also).