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[QUOTE=dan1005;3525386]I have also read that Beta blockers are no longer the first choice of treatment of hypertension so now I am thinking of seeing if I can try something else.


I was taking beta blockers (Atenolol) until recently. I had a very bad experience with them. I am now on Micardis and everything seems OK. And yes, you are right, beta blockers are no longer a first choice drug for treating hypertension. In fact, as far as I know, they were originally designed for people with heart problems as Sally described. A guy said on-line once that using beta blockers to treat hypertension was like getting a sledge hammer to crack a nut. :D I agree.

Marantz, :)
hiya dan..glad you got your meds sorted out and off the beta-blocker and hopefully every thing will get back to normal for you !!!!!

just to say i was over prescribed bp meds too (have white coat hypertention) the best thing i ever done for myself was to buy my own bp machine ..and over the last year have managed to come off a water pill cant remember what there called ...lisinopril reduced from 40mgs to 20 mgs and atenolol from 100mgs to 50mgs ..and up to now bp remains good 113/133-61-72 ......hopefully you wont need any more meds ..good luck.