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That's very good, what were you taking to achieve those results?


I think I understand your question now. You mean that you might be 'high normal' if you were to stay sitting but as soon as you get active you start to go into the 'hypertension zone', as it were. The only thing that springs to mind would be wearing a 24 hour BP monitor. This would give a more realistic picture of you daily values. Is this what you meant?

I was put initially on Atenolol, then switched to Micardis. While on Micardis I got a reading of 98 over 69 or something like that. My doctor allowed me to go off medication. She said that as long as I remain under 140/90, I was fine. That was about two months ago. She also suggested I wear a 24 hour BP monitor to find out 'once and for all' whether I have HBP. I haven't found the need to go back as my numbers are holding well.

Finally, to answer your question. The main things I've done to try and get off medication was: loose weight; meditation; more fish; walking; prayer; and a mental determination to get my numbers down.

Marantz. :)