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I think alot has to do with $$$ for research studies. METOPROLOL/TOPROL has been proven in over 90% of research studies to prevent MI's, improve heart function, improve Ejection fraction, prevent sudden death, improve heart failure etc. It appears to be the model beta blocker which all future beta blockers would like to copy. PROPRANOL was the first beta blocker, to show proof of it's benefits. Are all beta blockers similar?? Most beta blockers appear to provide similar benefits such as TIMOLOL, ACEBUTOLOL, CARVEDILOL and BETAXOLOL. Though the studies conducted on these beta blockers were much smaller (except for CARVEDILOL). CARVEDILOL is always trying to compare itself with METOPROLOL in large studies. CARVEDILOL boasts that the benefits of their beta blocker are either equal or greater than METOPROLOL. Keep in mind, these CARVEDILOL studies are funded mostly by the CARVEDILOL folks. Also, they seem to use METOPROLOL instead of TOPROL XL which has shown dramatic benefits in the heart failure studies. ATENOLOL appears to be the most popular prescribed medication in Europe and elsewhere. All new BP pills on the market seem to compare their new pill to ATENOLOL and always try to boast better results. I think they choose ATENOLOL over METOPROLOL because ATENOLOL can't boast the dramatic mortality benefits. A beta blocker called BUCINDOLOL (pretty popular in Europe at one time) showed almost no benefit at all in research studies. Results were = to a placebo pill.

P.S. I think it is a doctor's job to prescribe the pill which can provide the greatest level of proven benefit. Side effects are secondary. On a personal note, I have never had any quality of life problem's with TOPROL if the dose is kept small enough. When the dosage gets > than 100 mg trouble starts. Luckily, most of us can tolerate these lower doses, and see good blood pressure results.