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Yes, I'm medication-free at the moment. I was initially placed on 50mg Atenolol (yuk) then 20mg of Micardis (much less side-effects). My numbers with Micardis got down to the high nineties over high sixties. I've been off all drugs for a few months now. I'm not complacent and I know thoses figures can rise. But, so far it's fine.

Main changes were more exercise and weight loss (badly needed anyway). Diet is better but needs improvement. It's hard to give up sweet things. I following good advice on the forum about that. I also meditate a bit. And generally try to chill-out.

Supplements are: Magnesium, garlic and a good multivitamin. I really feel the magnesium is helping me stay more relaxed.

Numbers yesterday morning: 117/76, 113/74 and surprisingly 96/70.