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I have hypoglycemia and I am on several medications to control it and other sleep problems which are probably related to the hypoglycemia.

Every night I take Ambien and Trazadone to get into a deep sleep. I also take Atenolol to control my heart rate. In the morning I take Provigel for energy and Allegra-D for allergies.

For about four days now, I have been so run down. It feels like I have skipped a dose of my medicine or something. My problem is that I can fall asleep, but I get no rest. That is why I am on the sleep medications. I know that I'm getting into a deep sleep atleast part of the time, because I have been dreaming.

Yesterday I felt as if I was going to pass out for a few minutues. This could have to do with my hypoglycemia, but I have been following my diet, so I don't know. I'm not stressed out or depressed in the least, so that can't be it.

I was hoping someone here may have some suggestions as to what's going on. I dealt with this for months and missed a about half a semester of school. When I first got sick they diagnosed me with everything from a low grade mono to fibromyalgia before they figured out that I had hypoglycemia. Any suggestions? I was thinking that since I have been on this medication for months and months I could have built up an immunity to it? Strange how it would start all of a sudden though...

Thanks for reading this!