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You all are so inspiring. I am slowly finding myself getting better. Yes the Doctors had put me on paxil, then switched to effexor, then to zoloft...all for the anxiety. However, we discovered over time that nothing was working and most of my anxiety was most likely as a result of a reaction the the fentanyl in the actiq they had me on. Now my anxiety is up a little because I am weaning off all this stuff. I am down to 2mg of dilaudid every 5 hours or so. I've only taken .5mg of ativan twice this week. (that's addicting too! sheesh) So I am not on any antidepressants/anxiety meds regularly right now. I'd like to try to hold out and get all of this narcotic stuff out of my system and then decide if I really need anything. since this medicine experience, I am very scared to be on anything if I don't have to due to dependence and changes the meds. can put you through.

Lori, we seem to have a lot in common...I am a teacher also. Special Education. I also coached lacrosse. I had to take the year off this year due to the surgery. I was non-tenured yet and left work last Feb. They held my job the rest of the year, but when I was scheduled for surgery Sept. 20, they couldn't hold it another year. They did say they'd hire me back.. Only problem is I find I do ok for a while..then go through bad spells which last a long time..then do ok for a while..then another spell. It's hard to keep a job with that problem! So who knows what I will do in the future. Right now I am a stay at home dog mom. haha. My girls (5yr old golden retriever and 1yr old bulldog) are my only company. It's so hard being single and at home while all your friends are working. I miss the friendships you make at work and the socialization of it all. It's suprising to find how important that working is to one's mental health!

Well thanks again for the support. Oh..one more thing. Why do some doctors do fusions without hardware? I have cages implanted for both of my fusions. I wonder what the studies show as the difference of with and without!