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Bill, the ESI affects people differently. First I will explain how they do it. At least how mine were done. My ESI was in the L4,L5 space. You lift or take off your shirt, and arch your back. Kind of like a cat on Halloween. They gave me a pillow to lean over. The anesthesiologist will clean the area. I was given no pain killers. Once the doc properly identified the correct spot, she took a needle and inserted in into the space. This is the worst part. Then she injected a numbing drug. I think it was Xylocain. This stung just a bit. Then she injected the steroids. This felt like increasing pressure in my back. Then it was done. I did not get more pain, I did not have a headache, I did feel light headed right after the shot but I think I was just feeling stress. The area of the shot was also a little sore. I got 1 month of total relief and another 4 - 5 months of pretty good relief.

I had this done twice. The second time my leg pain was so bad a actually laughed at the shot. Overall I did not think it was as bad as people made it out to be. It was better than my EMG. I do think that if you ask them, they can give you something like valium or ativan to calm you.

As for the third shot, I did not have it. I had surgery before I got to that point. One other thing. Make sure the anesthesiologist in works with your insurance company. I got stuck with an out of network copay and the whole thing cost me $500 out of pocket.

Hope this helps.