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Hi there. I'm new to this board. Last Monday, I was in our local kitchen supply store on my break from work and was moving around cast iron on a shelf to get to the item that was WAY in the back (and of course the one I wanted). I figure each piece must have weighed, what, 10-15 lbs? I found the item I wanted, commenting to my friend how heavy it was and walked back up hill to the office.

Tuesday, I started filling twangs of pain in my lower back. Thought it was just my mild arthritis acting up (I'm 34) which resulted from a childhood injury.

By that evening, I could barely sit or stand.

By Wednesday, I went downstairs in my house to get something, started walking back UPstairs (about 15 steps in total) and my lower back spasmed (sp?), cramped, and locked; I couldn't move. I crawled upstairs and had my roommate call the ambulance because I could not stand to get into her car.

At the eroom, they gave me an IV cocktail of Morphine, Ativan, and some kind of anti-inflamitory, with my own supply of Ativan, Ibprofin and Vicadin to take home and told me bed rest for 72 hours and expect a lot of pain. I had pulled all the muscles in my lower back.

It's day 3 of bed rest. While I am better than I was on day one, walking is still a big issue (my BUTT muscles hurt), sitting is an issue, and bending is definately one, too.

Am I impatient? I thought by now I'd be able to move about and conduct myself somewhat normally but can't even stand for a shower!

Help! Starting to feel useless and like I'll never walk again!