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Hi again. I am wondering if any of you have experienced pulling all of your lower back muscles before until they cramp and go into spasm and have to be off your feet for several days? It's like now, the stiffness has moved lower; it's not so much in my lower back as it is around my tailbone and glute muscles now. It's really hard to stand up straight and walk because of the stiff butt muscles (doesn't sound too nice, but)...it's like day 5 now. Is this pretty much "normal"? I am pretty much feeling incapacitated; I can't get out, nor do the stairs in my house, etc. I have Ativan to relax the muscles which I am just trying to take at night now, ibprofen (650mgs per tablet) which I take 3 times a day, and vicadin which I am trying to take just half of one at night now. I am also religious about the ice pack/heating pad thing.

Does anyone know of any gentle stretches I can do to eliviate some of the stress on my lower back/glutes?

And not to get graphic, but it's difficult to have "productive" bowel movements; I am taking stool softeners, but it doesn't seem to be quite enough.

Help. Have never experienced anything quite like this before.