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He was doing great, walking two to ten miles a day, following all of the doctor's orders, going to PT, and off pain meds. He is two months post op. They did order a bone growth stimulator after the last X-ray, but we thought that that was normal operating procedure. ($5500). They had to take it to a review committee so we did have some doubt as to his progress.

He awoke this morning with more pain than he was in before the surgery. His arm had deep, shooting pains. He could not move his neck. We had to rush him to the emergency room here where we live. They took an x-ray and told him that his hardware placement looked good. They gave him two shots of Demerol and sent him home. He is now sleeping.

I asked him how it happened. He said that he was awoken by a *pop* in his neck and then shooting pains down his arm.

The hospital doctor referred him back to his Nuero, who is about four hours away. Now we are scared.

But, the scariest part was what was happening in the rooms adjacent to ours. One guy came in and said that his wife had adjusted his back the night before because he was feeling tight. He said that he was in a lot of pain. The doctor came in and told him that he was sure that it was a kidney stone, no exam, no other words spoken, just told him that it was a kidney stone. Meantime, the doctor when back and told the nurse to get a UA as he thought that the guy wanted drugs. So, this poor guy sits there thinking that he has a kidney stone. They hooked him up to an IV and kept asking him to pee. Why couldn't they just be honest with the guy? After the IV is in, the shifts changed and a new doctor came on staff. He went into the guy's room and told him that it was not a kidney stone but a hernia, he was sure of it. Meantime, they were waiting for the UA to come back. What a bunch of quackery!!!!!

Then, in the next room, a guy came in and stated that he was depressed. The doctor told him that he wanted him to check into the psych ward. He said that if he did not do it voluntarily that they would put him on a hold. The guy was just feeling depressed and wanted to get his anti-depressant meds managed. This guy was not a danger to himself or others. His wife was with him. He was just depressed. They locked him up for 72 hours.

Across the hall, a woman came in who was severely agitated. She had come from a group home for the mentally ill. They gave her two shots of Ativan and a scrip and sent her home. She was flipping out, yelling, and needed to be locked up. But, nope, no money there.

Then there was the guy who was wandering the halls. He had dementia. But, he was not there for himself, his wife was hospitalized two days ago and he had no where to go. He insisted that the security guards took his keys and hid them. There was a group of them standing out side of our door. They had taken his keys, but lied to him. He thought that he was going nuts. He was beside himself with grief in regards to his wife. Now they had taken his keys and lied to him.

Did I mention that they are rebuilding the hospital and need money? They were admitting patients who didn't need admission, but who had good insurance but sending patients home who had no insurance. It would have made a great movie.

So, after we heard all of this (what happened to patient privacy?) we are not sure that they are right about my husband's condition. The shots that they gave him did not touch the pain, only put him to sleep. We are really worried. If there is anyone here who has had neck surgery and have experienced the pain that he is experiencing, please post. We have no clue as to why the nerve is doing this. Since the discs were taken out, they are no longer impinging on the nerve. For the pain to be worse than before the fusion, we are at a loss.

We will never go back to this hospital, but meantime, we are not sure what to do when he wakes up. They did not send him home with a script. And, they knew that he was in pain, he was crying, couldn't move, and his blood pressure was WAY too high. (I found out today that one of the signs of pain is high blood pressure.) They admitted that they were not able to bring it down and they had given him as much pain meds as they felt comfortable in giving. I think that they thought that he had been taking them all along, but he hadn't. I hate it that they always think the worst.

They gave him so little pain meds that he was able to drive home because it is against the doctor's orders for me to drive. Of course, they did not know that he was going to drive.

any suggestions????
WOW-I hope the best for him betty, I truly do, I say do what carol said-please keep us posted.
Scary how they are treating patients there-the only one that is normal is the girl from the adult home for the mentally disabled-I worked with these folks and when you can't calm them down, you do have to resort to ativan. BUT, the rest=WOW. I don't believe it!