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Bumping you up with hugs for your Sunday!

It's rainy here in FL today and will make a nice book/cat day :)

He DID "say" he would call me Wednesday ..... I am so NOT impressed with him or his Valley Girl secty right now ...but they WILL hear from me beginning Monday morning @ 8am sharp ...and continue to hear from me til I HEAR the info I need!

LOL & yes, it was the "freakin' cherry on top!"

As for your Disco.
Reece, they gave me NOTHING.... you know that.
I still regret posting how mine went because I fear that others will see it and could choose not to do it from reading my experience :(

That is just the way mine went ... chances are the Ativan will help you tremendously!
It is a CNS depressant and will greatly reduce your anxiety before and during the test. It is often used intravenously as a sedative and for nervous tension prior to surgery.

I feel in my heart you will do just fine!
You already know, it is not a fun test and you know it will hurt.
But you also know, it is so very needed to help your surgeon choose the right procedure or course of action!
I honestly think for me it was the major anxiety (mixed with my normal pain) I was in that escalated when I was told that I'd be recieving NO calming meds at all ....that immediately made me more anxious and exaserbated the whole ordeal for me....from the start!

Remember, I told you I immediately took a couple valium when they returned me to my room? only wish I'd have done it on the way to the vas lab.
What time Thursday are you scheduled for? and prior the test I WAS allowed to take my normal pain meds w/a tiny sip of water....just had to stop all NSAIDS 10 days prior.

and IF your lucky and they offer you meds after or even to go home on YOU TAKE THEM, hopefully they'll be stronger than your skittles and will end this thing as well as possible.

Once home you'll be down the 1st day & USE ICE and rest. Unsure how old your little boy is....hopefully old enough to manage well on his own and even help "Mommy!"

try not to worry
and have a Super Sunday :bouncing: