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I just recently got out of the hospital again after having L5/S1 Fusion and then having it re-done when a main artery ripped open and then developing a staph infection in my spine. Anyway due to this I have had several MRI. The first time I ever had one it wasn't too much of a problem. But lately I can't do it. I'm becoming way too closterphobic(sp). I not too sure why all of the sudden it is so bad. I'm a pretty big guy, 6' 3" 230 LBS, and my shoulders hit the side of the tube and I'm kinda scrunched in there. Just the other day while still in the hospital, they gave me a bunch of Ativan and Dilaudid. As soon as I went into the tube, I couldn't do it. The next day there was an anethesiologist waiting for me. They put me under General Anesthesia! This is getting kinda crazy. I mean it was kinda cool, going to sleep and just waking up later not knowing anything, but it seems kind of extreme to me. Anyone else have this problem with MRI's?