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Hi Guy's :wave: ,
My Surgeon and I went over all Xrays from the past 2 weeks, including todays. The hardware and everything is still doing great. He thinks the pain is caused by a severe inflammation of the Sciatic Nerve since the injection he did in my hip 2 weeks ago.

He took it quite well when I told him this all began after HIS injection.
So tomorrow at noon he wants me to go to the Hospital's Outpatient Surgery and he is going to do the injections (Transforaminal Lumbar ESI injections) in the S1 & L5 region, where he did the surgery.

If it doesn't work, he wants me to try Topamax, otherwise, if I DO get SOME relief, he can do another one later on, if nessessary. But he feels only one is all that's needed.

I do not have any Back Pain, Right after the last Surgery when he found the piece of bone in the Sciatic Nerve and removed it, I have had no other problems, other than the hip. That injection worked instantly. He said we just have to get rid of the butt & leg pain now.

So I am praying this works.

Since I fired my PM Doc, I asked him if he was going to do this and he said yes. I asked about sedation since the old PM used an IV sedation, but it never worked cause they blew the vein everytime.

He said he doesn't use IV sedation, But that I would recieve 2mg of Ativan Sublingual (dissolves quickly under the tongue) and then once I am in the procedure room, I will recieve 1mg Ativan in there, for a total of 3mg.

Sounds like a plan. Hope this works.
Hi Everyone,
I went to the OPS yesterday morning for my injections. I have never had injections like this before. Was it a Nerve Block?
My Surgeon doesn't believe in sedation for this, since he said he needs to know EXACTLY what I am feeling.

He used a local, then went in approx the L5 area, he got the needle in so far, then it hit a nerve and I screamed and almost jumped off the table. He called for more Local and injected it into the site and the pain stopped immediatly.
He then said he was ready to inject the meds (Cordisone, Anesthetic & Steriod mixture). Next thing I felt was a severe burning as if someone poured acid inside my left leg all the way to my toes and burned so bad I pushed my face into the pillow screaming. (What caused the severe burning pain?)

He did that area 6 times, one right after the other. He offered to stop, but that would of been a waste. The next 2 injections were done, where the same thing happened, but it was on the right leg this time.

I said: You don't use any sedation? WHY? He said he needed to hear me saying EXACTLY where the injections were causing the pain, so he knew he had the EXACT nerve.

When he was done, I told him, that if he EVER had to do this to me again, I will come to the Hospital on strong pain meds from home. He said: FAIR ENOUGH. I could see him and the Nurses felt really bad for me and really hated to see me in so much pain, and yes he used the Flouroscopy, he actually called for more pictures than the old PM EVER did! Remember after HER injections, I was curled up on the couch and unable to move for 3-4 days?

Well, with him, after all the suffering and I was rolled back on my bed, I was feeling numb and weak in my legs. By the time I got back to my OPS room I could walk a bit wobbly, but within 10-15 minutes I was walking normal with no pain or weakness. I am home and almost ALL my pain is gone.

The suffering was worth it, However if there is anything left over in a week or 2 and I have him do this again. I will be loaded with my pain meds from home and VERY sleepy.
But I can tell you this much.

Going from pain so bad in the Sciatic Nerve I could hardly walk, couldn't stand or sit or lay down and sleep due to severe pain. I now have none.
I didn't have to wait for anything to KICK in. They said the full results will be in 1-2 weeks as the medicine works it's way around.
My return appt with him is on the 28th of this month, so if he has to do anymore, he can do it right way.

I could swear he was pouring acid into a hollow leg, THAT'S how bad it hurt.
He called it a : Transforaminal Lumbar Epidual Steriod Injections.
But I never felt anything like this before.
My Diskogram was NOT this painful!!

Don't get me wrong, he did give me 2 Ativan Sublingual (under the tongue) beforehand, but for me being on 5mg of Xanax a day, it never worked, Actually it did nothing at all, he said it was because of the Xanax.

Has anyone out there gone through this? IS this the same as a Nerve Block?
When I asked if it was a Nerve Block he didn't actually SAY anything, just shook his head, yes.
His Nurse told me this could last one day, one week, one month, one Year, or forever. The swollen back is already going down and only HALF of what it was when I went in there.

As soon as I laid on my stomach, I was in severe pain, I yelled out that I could not lay like this, my back and legs were in severe pain. He yelled for his Nurse, LET'S GET STARTED NOW!! Then to me: Honey, We are going to do a couple locals to get you comfortable. HE DID and I WAS.

That is, until the ACTUAL procedure began. The first time I screamed as I mentioned above, I felt the skin punture, then push through what felt like fat, then a pop into something painful, then the needle hit a Nerve, at that point he had to stop and inject ALOT of Local, it felt like he was pouring it into a large hole, but it worked immediatly.

I finally got some sleep last night without waking up in pain.
Hello out there ?
Anybody?? :confused:

Since the post above this one, I called the Hospital's OPS and talked to one of the Nurse's who was with me.
She said my Surgeon NEVER using anything to calm patients down, However if I talk to him at my Follow-Up on the 28th, she said the time I might need something done, He can do the IV sedation and let me sign a waver or something.
She said from the way he talked he was afraid of the fact I have to take 5mg of Xanax a day, he didn't want to add other meds, since they are all Benzopines, he was more afraid of over dosing me.
But as the Nurse said, I have been on Xanax for 12 years, have had several surgeries including him. And even a small amount of something to help me relax and stop at least SOME of the pain would not be out of line or asking too much, and not enough to cause any problems.
But that I really need to explain the Xanax to him and MAKE him understand that I have built up a tolerance to it now, and should of been given SOMETHING!
BTW AFTER I was given the Ativan at 10:30am, he was called into an emergency surgery and did not get back to me until 4pm, so even if the Ativan DID work, it would of been long wore off by then. I really don't think he realized that.