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Hi! I had a myelogram and it was not bad at all. I was nervous for nothing. The dr. gave me valium to take, one an hr. before and one right before. That calmed my nerves enough. But really the myelogram itself didn't hurt. I did have some pain when they injected the dye because the dye laid on a nerve but that went away in a short time. I had no other complications. I think the ativan will be enough for you. The hospital told me they don't give something to knock you out because they want you to be able to follow directions as far as positions and so you don't get one of the headaches. Take care and don't worry, you'll be fine.

A myelogram is usually very easy, and involves just a small needle into the back, with local anesthesia, and usually some ativan or valium to help relax you. The risks, of course, one of which is mentioned here is that some people can develop headaches after the procedure, especially when they stand up, and that is the spinal fluid leaking around the hole where the needle went into that area. It heals in time, but the headaches you get while you have that leaking are often very bad.