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I also been having upper back problems, first time I was told it was from panic disorders, depression and so on. I had it for over a month, it had gotten better for about 2 weeks and has returned. All across my shoulder blades, shoulders, the nape of my neck, even my upper chest, my arms go numb, tingle and even in the other areas I mentioned. The pain is more like burning sensations, alot of pressure when it gets worse, especially my upper spine, at times it feels like someone is pulling out the upper right of my chest muscles and shoulder. Under my arms even feel weird, below my ribs, I thought it was my heart, but I been to the ER twice, they done alot of tests, my heart and lungs are fine. I do have anxiety and panic disorders, I also battled with eating disorders , all of which I am slowly recovering from. I am taking Zoloft and Ativan for attacks. I realize I may have damaged my upper back from the eating disorders, overly working out, or did I injure myself doing tae bo, it gets to the point that I must ly down, soak in the tub and ibeprophen isn't helping much. I keep searching online and to see if anyone else has had upper back pain/problems. I am not sure if your describing that tickling sensation as more of a burning sensation, either way I know its not easy to describe and my family looks at me strange when I try to explain about my upper back problems. All I know is I am so tired of it and want to find out what I got to do, or get some advice. I am trying to mover forward in my life and this is really holding me back. I want to go to my doctor, but I have a feeling he will say its all from panic, stress and give me another prescription for Ativan. So frustrated!! Are you experiencing any of the upper back problems that I am having? Whether it be tickling, burning, chronic and then some, I hope that you or someone knows what I am going through. I do not sleep much at all and of course this doesn't help, what to do here, my doctor or a chiropractor, I just want it to go away!