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i went to the regular mri my shoulders scrapped through the machine. of course i freacked out. now i 'm going to an open mri, not the sit down but the rectangular shaped one.

do y'all think a couple of ativan will ease my anxiety.
I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have indeed yelled 'get me out' and invalidated the scan. Had to come back the next day. A couple of Ativan will definitely help (I used Valium). Another thing, it's helpful to put something over your eyes, so you don't see how close you are to the sides/top of the thing. I actually slept through part of it (the headphones had very peaceful music playing). They were very helpful with me, gave me a small towel to put over my eyes. The open MRI was definitely much easier than the closed - yet I still felt it enough to want something to calm me down. I hope all goes well :bouncing: