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Thanks for the replies.

Strep: neg
Mono: neg
TB: neg
lyme: neg

Dr. gave me some Ativan for anxiety. Seems to be helping a little. The inicidence of new swelling of my collar bone didn't seem to bother him. I could hear in the nurses voice: "he said just keep your appointment with the ENT and he'll look at that area too" [reading the nurses mind: because you have cancer you poor poor thing... what do you expect?]

I don't usually hear voices or read minds, but this nurse went from all business attitude to very sympathetic all within a week. I know that my dr. thinks I have lymphoma, but can't say it until it is confirmed. He maintains that there is a possiblity of it among other infection. -- which he already said would be very very uncommon.

5 days until my appointment. The ent is only in the office 2 days a week.