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Ash, call your pcp and get someting for your anxiety you are running wild. Which is prefectly normal, I know I did. So now I have ativan, and it calms you down then you can think things through rationally.
Did you have your ct pet with contrast, because that would really show stuff. Things will light up. And if nobody said anything about anything lighting up so that is another good sign.
Take care
Thank you guys for the replies. I had my chemo talk yesterday. And its seem pretty simple. The nurses said sometimes they see the reaction ( if any) before I would notice it. She said that they have very few side effects, and if they do they stop give more benadryl and demerol and then start at a slower infusion. This is just me. She said I could take my ativan before I go. Or she could put in the line. I want both HAHAHAH.
Will let you know tomorrow how things turn out. Once I get thru the first hour I will be fine.
I am soo glad Ash feels better. He was really going thru a hard time.
Thats what these boards are for.

Take care